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Square Feet5000 Sq. Ft.
# Bathrooms14
# Bedrooms23
Year Built1800's
Lot Size4 + Acres
StateNew York
Comments"Schuyler House" is a historic site, built in 1795, by George Washington's General Philip Schuyler; and has been visited by Alexander Hamilton, along with famous dignitaries of the 18th century... It offers a spacious, scenic rolling front-lawn-meadow; an extended front porch, ideal for "long-shots" or close-ups; parking for tech-crews, housing for principal actors, in the new "studio-building;" a cascading waterfall, on the property--excellent for creating a sense of "wilderness" (for close-up shoots); or "Nature atmosphere," to bring diversity to your shooting storyboards... **It provides total flexibility for any storyline, from early 18th century (approx.) to the present; and offers *total privacy* from prying eyes, or unwanted incidents, that public venues cannot guarantee... Therefore--there is little need to hire extensive security, to accompany your film- ing schedules... It can be "dressed-up" to simulate the grounds of the most upscale historic events, or "dressed-down" to simulate a haunted estate... Schuyler House, as a premium shooting location, is only limited by the confines of your own imagination.*


  • Traditional
  • With Stairs
  • Wood Floor
  • High Ceiling
Property Owner's Comments -
The house was built in 1795 by the Philip Jeremiah Schuyler, the son of the war general Philip Schuyler (one of first three generals selected by George Washington). The entry features original wood floor, red carpet, yellow walls with plenty of lighting and detailed ceiling.
Exterior Features
  • Garden
  • Waterfall
Property Owner's Comments -
Exterior Features
The property is located on 8 acres of green lawn with a number of trees, many mature, one walnut tree recorded in the national historic registry. The waterfall and stone bridge right next to the driveway.

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