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Square Feet2000 Sq. Ft.
# Bathrooms1
# Bedrooms4
Year Built1900 - 1920
Lot Size3 Acres
CommentsHi, This older 2 story farm house located 60 miles west of Chicago, is perfect for any film or print that requires a farm house scene. It's an older 2-story white in color colonial style farm house, probably built in the early 1900's and it set's on 3 beautifull acres in the country. There's approximately 1,900 square feet of living area and since purchasing the house in 2003 my wife and I have made several improvements to the house. We have a total of 10 rooms, which includes a kitchen, a bathroom, living room, 2 offices, a study and 4 bedrooms. We have a 3 car non-attached garage and a few small buildings. We have a great open view off a nice quiet paved country road. We have great neighbors and were conveniently located about 10 miles north of DeKalb IL (NIU), and 20 miles south East of Rockford.


Den / Office / Library
  • Desk
  • Book Shelves
  • Carpet
  • Wood Paneling
Dining Room
  • Traditional
Driveway / Parking
  • Straight
  • Short
Property Owner's Comments -
Driveway / Parking
The medium sized drive has gravel, but we have 3 acres with lots of parking!
  • 2 Story
  • Traditional
  • Large
  • Tile Floor
Exterior Features
  • Garden
  • Barn
  • Hills
  • Large Grounds
  • Three Car
  • Detached
  • High Ceilings
Interior Features
  • Basement
  • Walk-In Closet
  • Laundry Room
  • Game Room
  • Music Room
  • Attic
Property Owner's Comments -
Interior Features
The basment is unfinshed!
  • Tile Floors
  • Anywhere USA
  • White
  • Wood Cabinets
Living Room
  • Anywhere USA
  • Carpets
  • Modern / Contemporary
Master Bedroom
  • High Ceilings
  • Light and Airy
  • High Ceiling
  • Carpet
  • Newer
Property Owner's Comments -
Master Bedroom
The roomy master bedroom is a newer addition to our house
  • Greenbelt

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