The Today Show does feature story about renting out your home

By: Steve Mathie
Staff Writer

In case you missed it, NBC’s The Today Show had a special feature on its morning show that informed people of ways to get a little extra cash during America’s difficult financial crisis.

The spot, titled “Make Money Using Your Home”, listed a number of different ways that homeowners can use their property as a source of additional income. Among them were renting out a room to an airline crew member, family friends or people who are travelling on business.

Also featured in the special report was the renting out of your house to a production company so they can use it for filming. Mentioned in the short spot was the opportunity to have a movie or photo shoot done at your home. But movies and photo shoots are just two types of filming that go on.

Television, music videos, commercials, documentaries and webisodes are other kinds of filming that are going on daily across the country.

As a property owner, you are passionate about the place that you can call your own and that you have put so much time and money into. Showcasing that property on the web with photos is a great way to show it off to friends of yours that haven’t seen it.

Listing it at gives you this opportunity, and hundreds and hundreds of location scouts that use our site will see your place too and may select it as a filming location.

Watching the presidential candidates debate about how they are going to help this country’s economy is one thing, but making your property available for filming is something you can control. No matter which candidate you vote for, they aren’t going to make you extra money.

As mentioned on The Today Show, airline crew members are often looking for a place to stay, and so are cast and crew members that are filming in your area. Depending on the type of production, the cast and crew can be hundreds of people. Even if your home isn’t being used for filming, they might find your place on and decide that they would like to stay there for a few days.

Another key component of creating a listing with and opening up to the film industry is the idea that you are friendly to the idea of filming. If someone in your neighborhood is having filming done at their house, a production company might pay you to set up temporary offices in your home.

If Hollywood knows you are open to filming, they won’t waste any time using your property and paying for it if they are in the area. You can view this video at

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