GreenCine creates a community for film fans

By Steve Mathie
Staff Writer

Movie lovers now have another way to save time and money seeing their favorite flicks. GreenCine is one of the latest online DVD rental services to use the Netflix blueprint for success.

GreenCine allows users to sign up online at and browse all different types of genres to select what they want to rent. They offer everything from new releases to early classics, and even independent and foreign films.

The philosophy that GreenCine uses is that movies matter. They want people to come to their website to read about movies and how they influence and represent different cultures.

GreenCine emphasizes their commitment to those who are passionate about film by updating daily their articles about film festivals and recommending movies.

This type of service has proven over the years to be the preferred method of watching DVDs for people around the country. While there are a few different services that have found success, Netflix is without question the successful with more than 8 million subscribers.

GreenCine is a site that offers movie fans much more than just the opportunity to rent DVDs online. You can also watch them and buy them. Here people can discuss their favorite movies in the forum, write their own movie reviews and read entertainment industry articles in the “Press Room”. can be seen in the Press Room portion of the website as a partner.

For those movie fanatics that are into viewing Blu-Ray, GreenCine recently announced that they will not be charging users more to rent the high quality DVDs.

If you want to try something a little different than Netflix that is about the same price and connects you to a whole community of film lovers, try GreenCine.

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