Eagle Eye filmed in different states

By Steve Mathie
Staff Writer

Steven Spielberg was hoping that people would be scared to answer their cell phones after seeing this movie – but I find it hard to imagine anyone parting with their mobile phone at this day in age.

I suppose we have to see this mystery/thriller that has an eerie spin to it to find out for ourselves. Spielberg came up with the idea years ago. An idea that focuses on two strangers who are framed for crimes they didn’t commit, and have their lives threatened in mysterious phone calls from a woman they don’t know.

Spielberg wanted to show the world that technology is all around us. Shia LaBeouf (Transformers) and Michelle Monaghan (Gone Baby Gone) are the protagonists in this film directed by D.J. Caruso, while Spielberg is the executive producer.

LaBeouf is quickly turning himself into one of the bigger names in Hollywood, Eagle Eye helping his cause with a $30 million dollar opening weekend to top the box office. LaBeouf has another blockbuster in the works down in New Mexico, where DreamWorks is filming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen alongside Megan Fox.

Eagle Eye is a film that used authentic locations across the country, shooting in California, Florida and Illinois.

At FilmingLocations.com you will find residential and commercial properties of all types that are used for location filming, and you will read about how those property owners who are open to filming are the ones most likely to get it.

First Christian Church of North Hollywood is the poster child when it comes to this. Sure it has the advantage of being located close to all of the major studios, but the industry knows they are open to filming and are always willing to come back to shoot more.

Jerry L. Jackson is a writer/producer/director and founding partner for Water’s Edge Communications, and in California, and is also a member at First Christian Church of North Hollywood, where he is coordinates all of the filming at the church – and was on location for the filming of Eagle Eye.

“They prepped a couple days, shot for a day and then wrapped a couple of days,” said Jackson. “Shia had actually shot here a few weeks ago on a different project and couldn’t believe it was the same church.”

Hollywood feels comfortable filming at the church, and knows they can do as they please there, setting up props and scenes anyway they wish as long as they leave everything the way it was.

Motion pictures, television shows, commercials, music videos and webisodes have all been shot at the church. E.R., Desperate Housewives and The Office are a few of the shows that used the photogenic church.

“They shot Phyllis’ wedding here for The Office and were here for a while,” said Jackson. “Filming on location adds a level of reality not only for the audience but for the actors.”

Jackson has been in the film industry for over 25 years, and became a member of the Writers Guild in 1982. He did a great amount of work for celebrated director Sydney Pollock before helping to found Dark Horse Films. Jackson speaks very highly of Pollock and also acknowledged the industry’s most recent loss.

“Sydney was a deep gift and a generous man, the industry lost someone who was also a great mentor to a lot of people,” says Jackson. “Then this week to lose Paul Newmann, that was very tough too.”

Jackson got into new media projects in the early 90s and then stopped doing linear storytelling, but has recently gotten back into, including work on a mini-series and a documentary. He has been across the country for filming and while he enjoys working in the California, acknowledges the importance of using different filming locations in other states.

“I’ve shot in West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Nevada, Illinois and Iowa,” says Jackson. “It gives both cast and crew an additional focus because they don’t always have so much of a life outside of the set.” Jackson said that the church has been on that same corner since 1950, and always has a full schedule when it comes to filming.

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