Texas looks to improve tax incentive

By Steve Mathie
Staff Writer

The amount of filming going on in Texas has gone down considerably in the past few years, and Gov. Rick Perry is trying to put better incentives in place to put a boon back in the economy for the Lone Star State.

The current incentive offered by the is on the low end when compared to other tax credits across the country. The 5% tax credit for expenditures within the state relating to production is not very appealing to filmmakers and production companies, but the state itself always has been because of its diversity.

To bring Texas back into the group of big time states that have filming, Perry is saying that come January a bill will be passed to get Texas to be competitive with its neighbors Louisiana and New Mexico, who have both put large incentives in place and have attracted considerable filming of all kinds.

Perry’s proposal includes $40 million to be made available over the next two years to help drive the incentive.

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