Three of 2009’s most anticipated movies

By Steve Mathie
Staff Writer

With the conclusion of the Academy Awards last week and the dawn of a new year in film, let’s take a look at some of the most exciting releases that will hit the big screen in 2009. I have narrowed it down to my three personal favorites, based on storyline, cast, director, and of course filming locations. There are many more movies that will impact the industry in different ways this year, but the following is a list of films that I anticipate to thrill us from start to finish.

Public Enemies

Michael Mann teams up with Universal in Public Enemies to bring us the epic yet somewhat unknown tale of one of the 20th century’s most sought after gangsters, who at the time were viewed by many as heroes. Hell, I can look up to a back robber if it’s Johnny Depp. Who can’t?

It’s Depp as John Dillinger, known at the time as Public Enemy #1. Add Christian Bale, Billy Crudup, Channing Tatum, Giovanni Ribisi and Marion Cotillard, and you have the makings for an immediate classic.

In the same way that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight used Chicago for the majority of its filming locations, Michael Mann filmed at authentic locations in Illinois and Wisconsin and combined historical landmarks and unique personal residences and businesses in an attempt to make the movie “real”.

Public Enemies is sure to maintain a frenetic plot delivered through machine guns, .38 revolvers and sex. It’s my premature choice for best picture next February. Click Here To View Trailer

Terminator Salvation

Terminator fans will be expecting the fourth installment of this series to be best yet, and with today’s technology parlayed with a great cast, it may be just that. McG and Jonathan Nolan collaborate on Terminator Salvation and cast Christian Bale as John Connor.

The film was shot over the past year at locations across the film friendly state of New Mexico. Hopefully once this movie is in the theatres people can stop talking about Bale’s rant on the set, an event that has nothing to with anything.

Inglorious Basterds

This could be another chance for Brad Pitt to take home an Oscar, but who knows how hard it will be for us to see him as a war hero after he aged backwards for 3 hours in Forest Gump 2? Excuse me, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

It’s Tarantino. It’s World War II. It’s gonna be good. Did I mention the stunning German actress Diane Kruger? Pitt heads up a group of Jewish-American soldiers whose job it is to brutally take out members of the Third Reich.

Filmed in Germany and set to be released in August, Inglorious Basterds will entertain and touch people in different ways, and it is likely to be graphic and extremely heavy.

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