Think Like A Man Exceeds Box Office Expectations

By:Sarah Schmidt
Staff Writer

April 23rd, 2012

Think Like A Man was released this Friday (April 20th) and despite production company Sony Screen Gem’s uncertainty, the film came in at number one at the box office, bringing in $33 million its first weekend and nearly doubling the projected $17 million. This meant the movie earned back the entire $12 million budget spent to produce the movie on the opening night. This was enough to knock The Hunger Games out of the number one spot and put it at number three. Critics say the writers of this movie “pulled a rabbit out of their hats” and attracted a diverse crowd despite the target audience being women over 30. The movie showed on 2,015 screens, so the average was $16,377 per screen in ticket sales. This is the fourth number one film for Sony this year, following Underworld: Awakening, The Vow, and 21 Jump Street.

Based on Steve Harvey’s bestselling book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, the film features four interconnected men whose significant others all buy Harvey’s book and take the advice to heart and use it against them. Once the men catch on to what the women are doing, they also find out that one of their own guys betrayed them (by telling the women about the book) and they then turn the tables and teach the women a lesson or two. Some critics say the movie reveals too much of the book, making the book no longer worth reading while others say that it brings life and explanation to the book and doesn’t take away from the value of reading it. The movie was filmed in July of 2011, mostly in a film studio in Culver City, CA and featured other filming locations in LA. The on location filming in popular Los Angeles spots was just another added bonus to an already enticing production.

The success of the movie so far is attributed in part to the stellar yet underused African American cast including Michael Ealy, Taraji P. Henson, and Gabrielle Union, proving once again that casts like these have the potential to bring in big bucks. Another thing that may have helped was the spotlight on Kevin Hart and his comedy in the advertising campaign. Though a few reviews said Hart’s jokes were easily predictable, more said he had perfect timing and expression. The actors brought typical stereotypes to life, making them more dimensional and relatable. People can also identify with the types of relationships represented in the film.

Despite the done-before plot about the “war of the sexes”, the plot featured enough twists and new material to keep it interesting. The small structure worked in the film’s favor, allowing for all the plot points to be fully developed rather than leaving some loose ends like in other romantic comedies. The film seeks to bring back the method of traditional storytelling to the big screen which is now a rarity among more “cutting edge” formats. While not everyone may agree; if you like romantic comedies and are looking for something a little different, this film definitely delivers. I think we can look forward to the continued popularity of this film.

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