Tribeca Film Festival 2012

By:Sarah Schmidt
Staff Writer

May 7,2012

The Tribeca Film Festival is always an exciting event and this year was no exception. This eleven day event presented the work of established and emerging filmmakers who used exciting filming locations, actors, writers, and artists. There were screenings, reviews, discussion groups, and exhibits. The festival is open to the public and while it’s best to buy advance tickets, last minute enthusiasts can still purchase them “at the door”. Discussing all the fantastic people, events, and films presented here would take a website by itself (, but here are some especially entertaining highlights.

While several movies were screened, there are four that I found particularly worth mentioning such as While We Were Here, starring Kat Bosworth. The production moved very fast: the script was written in May, the financing came in June, and filming began in July. Perhaps the most distinctive choice director Corio made about this film was that it was shot in black and white. From an artistic standpoint, black and white emphasized that the story was timeless. Technically, the bright light of the filming locations on the island of Ischia, Italy lent to black and white to avoid washed out colors. Postcards from the Zoo, starring Nicholas Saputra, focuses on a young woman who is a lifelong inhabitant of a zoo because she was abandoned there as a child, and after falling in love with Saputra’s character, she is finally to break away. This movie was filmed on location in Indonesia, and producer Edwin wanted to focus on both the relationship between humans and animals as well as the beauty of the country’s largest zoo. Replicas, a new film starring Selma Blair, is a dark story about a young couple who has just lost their daughter. They decide a family vacation with their son is in order to help them cope. But the quiet escape to their home in the woods in the Langley, British Columbia filming location turns very strange when a neighboring family stops by for dinner with a sinister hidden agenda. And lastly, Detachment featured filming locations a little closer to home. The film, starring Adrien Brody, follows a substitute teacher who changes jobs and residences often enough to never get emotionally connected to his students or coworkers. But this time, he bonds with a runaway teen and becomes a role model for his class. Mineola High School, Parkway Hospital and outdoor urban areas, all in New York City, create most of the backdrop for this psychological drama.

Several well known stars made an appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival for one reason or another. Dakota Fanning was a juror for the World Narrative Feature Competition this year. Her upcoming movies will be Now is Good and Effie. Susan Sarandon sat down with Michael Moore to interview the Academy Award-winning filmmaker about his daring, controversial choices in his documentaries. Perhaps one of the most anticipated events was the 100 Years of Universal presentation, a celebration of 100 years of Universal Studios. Robert De Niro and director Judd Apatow got together in front of an audience to share memories and defining moments from their history with the production company. During the hour-long talk, moderator Mike Fleming asks several, maybe too many, questions about De Niro’s role in The Deer Hunter. But Robert De Niro and Judd Apatow discussed personal failures, the future of digital film, and everything in between. Meryl Streep was also scheduled to attend, but had to drop out because a family illness. De Niro and Martin Scorsese plan to collaborate again for the ninth time after their last movie together, Casino in 1995. While some say the two got off topic, the audience was laughing and clearly entertained. As usual, astounding talent and entertainment was shared with the world again this year and we can look forward to see what next year will bring.

Did you know? Several well-known stars live in Tribeca; a few of them are Billy Crystal, Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson, Meryl Streep, and David Letterman.

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