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Square Feet2000 Sq. Ft.
# Bathrooms3
# Bedrooms4
Year Built1960 - 1970
Lot Size1 1/2 Acres
CommentsTwo-story colonial home in a quiet cul-de-sac neighborhood next to beautiful wooded wetlands, about 25 miles from Boston. We have two young children and our lifestyle, and home, reflects the kids! We're outside in good weather on the playset, riding bikes, throwing a baseball or in the garden. If we can't be outside, we're in playing board games, video games, watching tv or doing crafts. Our home is casual, family-friendly and, I hope, welcoming -- and always lively. I'm sometimes difficult to reach by phone (esp. now that my sons sometimes answer - and forget to give me messages), so feel free to email to:


  • Attached
  • Has Windows
  • Two Car
Interior Features
  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Skylight
Living Room
  • Bright / Sunny / Air
  • Carpets
  • Fireplace
Property Owner's Comments -
Living Room
The family room is about 12x24, has a cathedral ceiling with 2 skylights, ceiling fan and a fireplace. We bought the house because of this room. What a great place for a Christmas tree! The living room, on the opposite side of the house, is also 12x24. It also has a fireplace. Again, being more casual, this is set up to be more "my room" - with a crafting station at one end and my "Santa" collection all around.
  • Lake
Property Owner's Comments -
Well, it's a river, not a lake. It runs through the back of the wooded property. The front has many small gardens with mostly woodland plants and many hostas. We have a wooden playset constructed several years ago when my children were very small.
Floor Plan
  • Open Floorplan (Kitchen and Dining Room)
Property Owner's Comments -
Floor Plan
There is an archway connector between the kitchen and the dining room. We are more "casual" people and didn't feel the need for a formal dining room - so opened it up. Makes the area seem much larger.

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