Albuquerque Studios brings Hollywood to New Mexico

State of the art studio has already played home to major productions

Albuquerque Studios is now featured on, which will be showcasing New Mexico's only major soundstage and filming complex. Available for viewing on will be Albuquerque Studios' 28 acre studio with 8 soundstages, which has already brought Hollywood to New Mexico to take advantage of the state's aggressive incentives.

Albuquerque Studios is a state-of-the-art independent film and television studio that lies in the heart of New Mexico, only minutes from downtown Albuquerque and the Albuquerque airport. Built in response to New Mexico’s aggressive 25% rebate for production expenditures, the studio features eight world-class soundstages (4 at 24,000 sq. ft., 4 at 18,000 sq. ft.) plus plenty of office, mill and backlot space to accommodate a producer’s every need. With all the necessary resources for production companies to come in and shoot without any worries but filming, Albuquerque Studios provides countless ancillary services to enhance the filming experience.

In addition, the studio has a concierge service to arrange everything from hotels, homes and rental cars to massage and pilates. Other services include crew referral and a tax incentive advisory service to help clients maximize the benefit they receive from the New Mexico incentive programs. Further expansion of the studio is planned on an additional 26 acres adjacent to the present site.

In slightly over a year since its grand opening, the studio has already been host to a variety of major Hollywood studio productions, including Lionsgate’s The Spirit, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Eva Mendez, Scarlett Johansson and Gabriel Macht and directed by Frank Miller (Sin City, 300); NBC/Universal’s In Plain Sight for the USA Network; Sony Pictures Television’s Breaking Bad starring Bryan Cranston, and the Warner Bros./Halcyon Company production of the next film in the Terminator franchise, starring Christian Bale and directed by MCG.

Located in the heart of the 13,000 acre Mesa Del Sol development, Studios has an essentially limitless back-lot, making it the ultimate filming location and a natural match for With a growing database of thousands and thousands of properties, brings an essential element to the film industry in New Mexico. Click here to view photos of Albuquerque Studios

Albuquerque Studios

Albuquerque Studios is a state-of-the-art independent film and television studio located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Construction for the largest soundstage facility in the United States outside of Southern California began in August of 2006, and its completion in the Spring of 2007 makes New Mexico a popular place to film a movie, television show, commercial, video game or music video. The studio is a prime filming location and provides a wide range of production resources to enhance the quality of filming, and attends to every need of film industry professionals.

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