Governor Doyle signed into law a very limited, new refundable credit for the film, television and video game industries. The overall provisions are as follows:

  • Fully refundable tax credit - capped at $500,000 per year in total expenditures
  • 25 percent credit on the salaries and wages paid to Wisconsin residents making $250,000 on the project or less. Salaries and wages to nonresidents are not included.
  • 25 percent credit on Wisconsin production expenditure purchased in Wisconsin
  • 15 percent credit on film production company investments, including construction and repair of property and amount spent to acquire property.
  • 35 percent of the project's total budget must be spent in Wisconsin to qualify.
  • 50% of the use of tangible personal property or item used for production company's business.
  • Existing film and video game-related companies that wish to expand the state are eligible for the tax incentives under the company investment credit.
  • Establishes application fees: 2 percent of budgeted production expenses or $500, whichever is less.
  • Lowers the threshold for an accredited production from $100,000 to $50,000
  • Extend the eligible timeline for video game projects from 12 to 36 months.
  • Theatrical exhibition incentive for filmakers:Marcus Cinemas
  • The proposal eliminates the non-refundable sales tax exemption that existed in previous law.


Here are some Films that have been shot in WI

  • Public Enemies
  • Mr. 3000
  • A Simple Plan
  • Hoop Dreams
  • Back to School
  • The Blues Brothers
  • Major League
  • Feed the Fish (Post Production)
  • No God No Master (In Production)
  • The Violinist (Post Production)
  • Transformers 3
  • The Amityville Horror

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