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Location scouting is the process of finding the best location for a movie, television show, commercial or still photo shoot.

For any project, a scout will set out to find and document the best available sites given budget and visual needs. Scouts strive to provide as many options as possible to other team members including production managers, assistant directors, directors and executive producers.

The easiest and fastest way to find locations, the more likely an entertainment professional will be to turn to that resource. Unlike many sites, we don't charge entertainment professionals a subscription fee or commission.


"FilmingLocations.com is very helpful and is the fastest way to find all types of properties for a shoot."

- Cris F., New Jersey Scout
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10/14/2013 -
Machete Kills Combines Action, Comedy, and Science Fiction into a Unique Theater Experience

When you’re trying to decide on a movie to see on a Friday night, one factor may be what genre you’re in the mood for: drama, action, comedy, animation, or science fiction to name a few. If you chose to see Machete Kills over the weekend, this movie made that decision easier as it combined genres into one fast moving, engaging, ever-changing story. Machete is recruited by the U.S. government to barrel his way through Mexico, wiping out a weapons dealer and his conspiring team of bad guys before they can launch a deadly and futuristic weapon into space.

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