Niki Ghazian talks about photo shoots on location

Category: Hollywood Interviews
“I have shot at some really cool locations including homes, hotels and lobbies, and the most important thing about those shoots in the location" Read More...

Mr. 3000: Inside the production process of a baseball movie

Category: Hollywood Interviews

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - Marcellus Dawson got the unique opportunity to see first-hand what Hollywood's process is in filming a baseball movie. In fact, Dawson got to do a little acting and showcase his on-the-field talents at the same time.

"I had no idea they were even filming the movie, I heard something about it on the radio and then my baseball coach at the time told me they were having tryouts so I went down and signed my name", says Dawson.


Kartemquin Films puts a human face on social issues through film

Category: Hollywood Interviews
Kartemquin Films is a home for independent filmmakers looking to provide us with a better understanding of our society through human interaction. Read More...

Entourage Director of Photography and Camera Operator Todd Dos Reis

Category: Hollywood Interviews
Go behind the scenes of HBO's Entourage and learn about some of things you didn't know about filming the TV show Read More...

Cindy Morgan talks Lacey Underall and revisits the filming of Caddyshack

Category: Hollywood Interviews
I recently got a chance to catch up with Cindy, and found that not much has changed since Caddyshack was filmed. Read More...

Talking with the lighting expert from the set of Iron Man and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Category: Hollywood Interviews

I caught up with Michael Bauman this past weekend in the midst of filming on location in New Mexico. Bauman is the head lighting technician on the set of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the second installment in the Transformers series from director Michael Bay.

For those property owners and movie enthusiasts who are interested in the behind the scenes of a production, talking with a gaffer like Bauman gives you a pretty good idea of how passionate and committed the crew is - and how essential the role they play is in the production process.


Behind the scenes of Miracle at St. Anna with Billy Budd

Category: Hollywood Interviews

Billy Budd was always in trouble as a kid, always the one who got caught. The youngest of four brothers, Billy left high school at 16 as all kids do in England, and joined the Royal Marines two weeks later to prove to his eldest brother that he could make it.


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