Kickstarter Rapidly Becoming Valued Resource for Film Funding

Category: Hollywood & Film Industry News
Spike Lee, Atlanta-born director of independent movies, T.V. shows, and screenplays, began working with Kickstarter to fund his next film. He reached his goal on August 17th of $1.25 million. This organization opens up opportunities for location finders, film scouts, and other filming industry professionals that would otherwise have great difficulty finding support and guidance. Listing your property with Filming Locations is another economic resource for filmmakers and people who simply want the chance for their property to be featured in a movie, T.V. show, commercial, or other media. Read More...

Katy Perry:Part of Me--More Than a Documentary

Category: Hollywood & Film Industry News
Fans of the quirky, inspiring music icon Katy Perry are excited to see her movie, Part of Me, in theaters this weekend. More than just a documentary of the singer’s rise to fame, this film is a sort of mad diary. Because the film contains footage from every stage in her career, the filming locations in this movie include several cities worldwide. Read More...

Tribeca Film Festival 2012

Category: Hollywood & Film Industry News
The Tribeca Film Festival is always an exciting event and this year was no exception. This eleven day event presented the work of established and emerging filmmakers who used exciting filming locations, actors, writers, and artists. There were screenings, reviews, discussion groups, and exhibits which was open to the public. Read More...

Think Like A Man Exceeds Box Office Expectations

Category: Hollywood & Film Industry News
Think Like A Man was released this Friday (April 20th) and despite production company Sony Screen Gem’s uncertainty, the film came in at number one at the box office. Critics say the writers of this movie “pulled a rabbit out of their hats” and attracted a diverse crowd despite the target audience being women over 30. The film is based on Steve Harvey’s bestselling book Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man. Read More...

What to Expect in the Future

Category: Hollywood & Film Industry News
Making its box office debut on Friday, May 18, What to Expect When You’re Expecting had the perfect mix of laugh-out-loud comedy, intense moments, and a stellar group of stars. Based on the popular pregnancy guidebooks by the same name, this film followed five interconnected couples each on their unique path to having a baby—from adoption to a couple who finally got what they wanted to an surprise that interrupted their celebrity lifestyle. Read More...

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