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Category: Filming on Location
Have you ever wondered where your favorite movies or T.V. shows were filmed? Many filming locations are real homes and other buildings that are virtually unknown until they appear in a movie. Here are just a few interesting movie locations that may not have known were in a favorite, or more than one, movie. Read More...

Multi-Million Dollar Georgia Home in the Spotlight for The Blind Side

Category: Filming on Location
When Forrest and Lorri McClain purchased their $3.5 million home in Atlanta back in 2005, they didn’t know location finders would make their home famous in 2009 as one of the main filming locations for The Blind Side. The production company shot in the Georgia residential property for six weeks. Read More...

North Carolina Filming Locations

Category: Filming on Location
When people think about filming locations for movies, filming in L.A., New York, and Las Vegas probably comes to mind. But location finders search for sites all over the U.S., including North Carolina, which has more sound stages than any other state besides California. Some of my favorite movies and TV shows were shot there—A Walk to Remember, Sleeping With the Enemy, One Tree Hill, and Dawson’s Creek are a few. The newest movie to film on location in NC is The Hunger Games. Read More...

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