North Carolina Filming Locations

By:Sarah Schmidt
Staff Writer

April 9, 2012

When people think about filming locations for movies, filming in L.A., New York, and Las Vegas probably comes to mind. But location finders search for sites all over the U.S., including North Carolina, which has more sound stages than any other state besides California. Some of my favorite movies and TV shows were shot there—A Walk to Remember, Sleeping With the Enemy, One Tree Hill, and Dawson’s Creek are a few. The newest movie to film on location in NC is The Hunger Games.
DuPont State Recreational Forest, 40 miles south of Asheville, is one of the main filming locations for The Hunger Games. The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains were the perfect scenery for much of the hunting and fight scenes. The cast also enjoyed rock climbing between takes.
The Orton Plantation in Brunswick County is a historical property used in A Walk to Remember. Despite its oak trees on a high bluff overlooking rice fields and striking architecture, the house was acquired by a new owner in 2010 and closed for massive renovations for an indefinite period of time, stopping anymore filming since then. The original house, burned down during the Civil War, was built in 1725.
In Sleeping with the Enemy, the main characters’ beach house was actually part of the Shell Island Resort in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this hotel is a great venue for business meetings and weddings as well. The site has over 60,000 square feet of space and the suites are so spacious they look like an expensive house by themselves, making this the perfect place to shoot the opening scenes of this thriller.
•One of my favorite shows, One Tree Hill features so many filming locations in North Carolina, but one of the major ones is the set of the River Court which is actually part of Battleship Park in Wilmington, NC. The ship itself, which was used in battle in World War II, is very close to the court and producer Mark Schwahn said he chose the location because of the perfect lighting, coming from the ship, for shooting in the late evening.
Dawson’s Creek filmed most of the dock scenes along Hewlett’s Creek in Masonboro, NC. The Icehouse restaurant in the beginning of the series is a real restaurant of the same name, used because of its marina scenery, a perfect match for the show.

North Carolina Filming LocationsRegulations: Filming is encouraged in the state, which is why so many movies can be filmed there. The taxes for filming are 4.25% state and 2.75% use tax. Proper notification to the owners of the location and name badges for all cast and crew are required. No part of interiors or exteriors can be altered. Offensive clothing is not allowed and crews are responsible for keeping the area clean.

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