Katy Perry:Part of Me--More Than a Documentary

By:Sarah Beackley

Staff Writer

July 3, 2012

Fans of the quirky, inspiring music icon Katy Perry are excited to see her movie, Katy Perry:Part of Me, in theaters this weekend. More than just a documentary of the singer’s rise to fame, this film is a sort of mad diary. The singer wants her fans to know everything—the good, the bad, and the never-before-revealed because all of it has contributed to the overwhelming success she is experiencing today. She wants fans to know that while nothing worth having comes easily (she was signed and then dropped by three record companies before finding Capitol Records in 2007), you can make an impact no matter your background or past.

Because the film contains footage from various stages in her career, the filming locations in this movie include several cities worldwide. There’s plenty of behind the scene and on-stage shots at major concerts from her 20011 California Dreams Tour, where she sang all over the US (Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, and Salt Lake City to name a few) and Europe. The structure of this film lends to almost all on location filming. There is even footage following her separation from husband Russell Brand.

This tour consisted of 124 performances, and parts of filming focused on her managers and dancers as well. One of the most talked about scenes in the movie is the one where Perry stops by her grandmother’s house to give her a tour jacket, filmed on location near her hometown, Santa Barbara. This film is a unique blend of filming in LA and other major cities that gives the audience an inside look, behind-the-scenes view, and front row seat to a concert all in one. The expected audience is of course, her fans, but the pop music star is hoping to get people who don’t know much about her career or personal life an opportunity to see past her loud, bold image and really get to know her.

The midweek release date (Thursday, July 5th) is expected to gain strong numbers on the opening day, but that also may decrease box office sales on the weekend. However, the time of year fits in well with her summery California persona and her hit “Firework” (performed in the movie), being Independence Day weekend. All that in mind, the box office “forecast” predicts $14 million for its first weekend. If you enjoy insider knowledge, a variety of filming locations and scenery, and 3D films that get your attention, Katy Perry: Part of Me may be just the thing to jump-start your entertainment this weekend.

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