Identity Thief: Where Did She Go Wrong?

By: Sarah Beackley

Staff Writer

February 11, 2013

This weekend marked the release of the much anticipated comedy Identity Thief, starring Jason Bateman who you’ve seen in Horrible Bosses, The Switch, and Juno) and Melissa McCarthy (who played some feisty characters in This is 40, Bridesmaids, and in her TV role in Mike and Molly). Bateman’s character Sandy Patterson is a hard-working businessman with a wife and two kids, one more on the way, who took a huge career risk by taking on the vice president position at a new finance company with a coworker. Things are going his way as this promotion means positive changes for his growing family, until his debit card is declined at a local gas station. With the fuel light on, he calls the bank in a panic insisting that he did not overdraw his account. It doesn’t take long to find out that someone has stolen his identity—but with his new career in jeopardy, he doesn’t have time to wait for the legal system to run its course. Determined to clear his name and catch the culprit, Sandy takes a road trip from Colorado to Florida to find Diana (McCarthy) and get her to confess to his boss. What was intended to be a quick trip turns into a drawn out, dangerous, and comical adventure. Upon their return, he comes to realize that Diana’s not such a bad person. Does he let her go? Does she get caught? Does she turn herself in? Let’s not spoil the ending….go see Identity Thief and find out.

Filming locations in this comedy featured many scenes in Atlanta, GA. Many scenes of these two stopping and fighting along the highway as well as those car-chase scenes near the end took place in Atlanta. Peachtree Street was a specific area location finders chose for the film and The Colonnade Restaurant was where they stopped for dinner (even that wasn’t without drama). The hair salon and area around it are part of Perimeter Mall. Other specific streets that were part of on-location filming include Georgia Hwy 20 and Lower Woosley Rd. The gorgeous luxury hotel that Sandy and Diana stayed in was none other than The Georgian Terrace Hotel. Recommended for their excellent service, rooftop pool, restaurant, and fitness center, this was an excellent choice for such a fast-paced movie. Finally, some scenes filmed on location were at Atlanta Biltmore Hotel and Apartments,.

This movie has what you would expect (comedy, action, some hot-water situations), but also what you wouldn’t expect (compassion, a change-of-heart, and an understanding of some “good” people go “bad”). While the majority of the movie took place away from Sandy’s home, we can’t forget the intriguing role of his wife, Trish Patterson (played by Amanda Peet) and the connection the family makes with Diana.

Want to know more? Go see the movie! We’ll leave you with this fun fact: Did you know that the male assassin in the film was played by the popular rapper T.I.?

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