Good Cop, Bad Cop Has Never Been Funnier: The Heat

By: Sarah Beackley

Staff Writer

July 8, 2013

The well-known, female leads alone was enough to want to see this movie, but you had to wonder if The Heat was really going to deliver something different or turn out to be your run-of-the-mill, tough girl comedy. Thankfully, The Heat, starring FBI agent Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) and dedicated female cop Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) did not disappoint. This film will have you laughing until you cry from beginning to end while not letting you forget the underlying struggles the characters go through in their everyday lives. These two women with polar opposite personalities team up in inner city Boston to stop a dangerous drug lord. In the process, Ashburn discovers the real reason Mullins is so hardened and dedicated in her police work while Mullins eases up on her criticism of Ashburn’s by-the-book approach when she learns about her upbringing.

The fast action scenes and variety of scenarios allowed for quite a bit of on location filming. It’s always a bonus when the real filming location matches the city in the storyline, in this case Boston, as it makes the movie more authentic. Dudley Square, home of an old police station, is where many of the interrogation scenes are filmed near the beginning of the film. One scene you won’t forget is Ashburn’s car exploding after leaving the local bar late the next morning—this was filmed on location on Norfolk Ave, which was shut down temporarily as a safety measure. Residents of East Cottage Street were excited for their neighborhood to receive much needed attention for this “forgotten” part of the Boston. A local Days Inn in nearby Boston suburb Danvers was a filming location used several times in the movie. The iconic scene where Ashburn tries (and fails) to save a man from choking was filmed in a Denny’s in the same area. Other scenes give you a general overview of this Boston neighborhood as Mullins takes down a man using prostitution services and the first point of contact in the drug ring that frames the plot.

The Heat is packed with verbal jabs and physical comedy you haven’t seen before. While the entirety of the film delivers, a few highlights include the interrogation of the drug distributor (Dan Bakkendahl), the bathroom scene at Club Ekko, and the duo’s night out featuring drinking, dancing, and goofy stunts. Let’s not forget how Mullins’ unconventional family adds to the comedy as well drama of the film. With the box office sales exceeding $39 million, the studio’s decision to push back the release from April to the end of June—they thought it would be better received as a summer release—was clearly the right decision. *Image from

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