Kickstarter Rapidly Becoming Valued Resource for Film Funding

Sarah Beackley

Staff Writer

August 29, 2013

Spike Lee, Atlanta-born director of independent movies, T.V. shows, and screenplays,began working with Kickstarter to fund his next film. He reached his goal on August 17th of $1.25 million. Over 5,000 people contributed their financial support including Steven Soderbergh, a fellow director and friend of Lee’s. Previous success stories that came from working with Kickstarter include a Veronica Mars feature as well as Wish I Was Here, an upcoming movie from the former Scrubs star Zach Braff. Lee is not revealing much information yet about his latest project, but based on previous work by this talented professional in Hollywood, there will surely be more fascinating information coming in (including his choice filming locations) sure to please his fan base. Spike Lee turned to Kickstarter when other sources in Hollywood weren’t keen on funding the type of movie he desires to produce.

Kickstarter is a company dedicated to providing funding for creative projects of all sorts including films, games, music, design, and technology. Independent projects are given the resources they need to film on location through the teamwork of the project creators and sponsors or “backers”. Anyone can pledge money to fund a project they believe in, bearing in mind that every project must reach its fundraising goal to receive the money. It’s a very effective way of propelling a project into completion. Since Kickstarter’s inception, 44% of projects have reached their goals and gone on to be completed. Project creators maintain complete ownership of all their work. Kickstarter combines the latest technology with an age-old method of funding in similar ways to this organization’s strategies. To learn more about the organization and what projects they’ve been supporting, go to

This organization opens up opportunities for location finders, film scouts, and other filming industry professionals that would otherwise have great difficulty finding support and guidance. Listing your property with Filming Locations is another economic resource for filmmakers and people who simply want the chance for their property to be featured in a movie, T.V. show, commercial, or other media. Filming Locations always seeks to provide fun, valuable information about the film industry as well as opportunities for home owners and businesses to see their property on film.

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