I’m so impressed with your service. FilmingLocations.com was a huge help. We were able to connect quickly with the perfect commercial property for our project.

Drew P. – National Geographic Television

Steve at Filminglocations.com was incredibly helpful while facilitating a shoot at Yankee Stadium for Discovery Studios. I can't recommend him and his services highly enough!

Emily R. – Maryland

We never thought that earning Tax-free income could be so easy. Bud light, Taco Bell, and Burger King have all filmed commercials at our home. We have paid our own property taxes with the income from these productions.

Holly Kehrt – Country English Tudor

With the tools and information FilmingLocations.com offers, we ended up booking a house. It was great to find the owner's info right on the site and within minutes I was talking to the property owner.

Carl I. – Lunchbox Studios Scout

I found Filminglocations.com incredibly easy to use. The first time I clicked on it, I browsed dozens of locations for my project all over the US. Filming Locations has all kinds of properties listed with them, and in one sitting I was able to find just what I wanted. The customer service I got from FilmingLocations.com was fantastic. Their thoroughness, courtesy, and effectiveness blew me away. Filming Locations helped me get the exact location I wanted, and as a result, I got a great film.

Tim S. – Filmmaker

I want to say thank you to FilmingLocations.com for all you have done. I have had a couple of commercials shot at my home. It was a great experience, they filmed the commercials and then I got paid. I can’t believe it was this easy. Thanks again!

Bryan – Contemporary Home Owner

I wanted to thank FilmingLocations.com for signing me up. The director called me because they loved my house. They came and shot on Tuesday through Friday, and kept the house just as they left it. They gave me a contract and asked if I wanted to be paid by cash or check!

James B. – Modern Style Home Owner

My son loved all the action and we all enjoyed meeting many friendly production crew people. The whole family was entertained by the transformation our home went though with in just hours, but the best part was putting the check in the bank ! We are looking forward to the next shoot.

Alyssa S. – Spanish-Mediterranean Style Homeowner

Having filming done on my property was so easy. They came, set up, shot the video, and then cleaned up. They paid me on the spot and they even allowed me to hang out and watch the filming. Thanks for all your help FilmingLocations.com!

Joe – Kinnelon, NJ

In these current economic times, you need to have your house work for you. I received $1,000 for a one day infomercial, and all I had to do was have pictures of my home on FilmingLocations.com. This was the quickest and easiest way for me to make money using my house. Now I hope to get more filming done!

John S. – Craftsman Style Homeowner

It's so easy. It came at a really important time too, having just had a baby. The money comes in handy. It was a half day setup, one day shoot, and then a wrap. Everyone was extremely nice and professional and the film crew handed me a check before they stepped through my door.

Ericka S. – Anywhere USA Home

We needed a home for a short film very fast and so we used FilmingLocations.com, we found the location we needed in a matter of minutes. FilmingLocations.com is very helpful and is the fastest way to find all types of properties for a shoot.

Cris F. – New Jersey Scout

FilmingLocations.com offers great tools for a quick and easy way to find the owner's info. It was great to get connected to the property owner right away. Thank you!

Tina Y. – United Television Broadcasting Systems

We had two commercials filmed at our house, one was for Vivitar Camera and the other was for a candy company. It was a great experience - they showed up and shot, not to mention they fed us and of course paid us!

Alan – Folk Victorian Style Home

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