Feature Films

• Most feature films use residential homes and commercial properties in them

• Pay attention when watching a movie to all of the homes and businesses used throughout the film

• The industry may use your property for weeks at a time, paying up to thousands of dollars a day

• A feature film has a cast & crew size that ranges anywhere from 50 to hundreds of people, all of which need places to enjoy recreational activities, be social, and enjoy fine restaurants and hotels.

• Setting up the film can occur months before filming. A filming location may be used for 1 day, 10 days, or for the entirety of production – often times more than 3 months


• Hundreds of companies shoots thousands of commercials every year in each state

• Lots of smaller local companies look to shoot commercials in their area, at all kinds of homes and businesses

• It typically takes no longer than a week to film a commercial, and often times it will only take one day. The commercial will usually air very soon after

Photo Shoots

• About 85% of music album artwork, magazine photography, and still shots for television shows and commercials are done on location

• Photo shoots are often done quickly and earn quick money for property owners

Reality Television

• The reality television phenomenon has only grown in the new millennium, and to make the shows as real and authentic as possible, production companies search for real life homes and business to use as filming locations – hence the name “Reality Television”

Music Videos

• Production companies that film music videos are often looking to bank in on some of the rich tax incentives that states have, which often times apply to music video production. Just like other types of filming, watch music videos and you will see that they are filmed at residential and commercials properties and not studios


• Much like reality television, documentaries often times need to be filmed in small neighborhoods in small towns across the country.

Episodic Television

• Many television shows film in studios on sets built in Hollywood, but there are still shows that film on location at homes and business all year round

• The cast & crew sizes for episodic television are somewhat less than that of a feature film.

• One episode usually shoots in about two weeks, half of which is filmed on location

• Many of the current action series’ on television average almost 10 filming locations per episode

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