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About 85% of all films, television shows, and commercials are shot on location. Years ago, an overwhelming majority of filming was done in states like California, New York, Arizona and Texas. Now, Hollywood is spreading across the country to find filming locations in all states. Production companies pay thousands of dollars per day to shoot on residential and commercial properties. Filmmakers are looking for all kinds of properties: small homes, barns, office buildings, restaurants and many more types of properties are needed for on location filming. Every type of property has the potential to be the next location for a commercial, television show, music video or movie. provides fast and easy connection between property owners, production companies & film scouts. In just a few easy steps here, showcase your home or small business along with a diverse and wide range of listings across United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. Our best in class site design makes it easy for your property to be found by the right scouts and production companies, to generate meaningful interest in them. Listing your business property with us is also a great overall exposure for a small business. Unlike other online resources, we don’t take any portion of the fee paid by production companies to property owners for filming.

As a one-stop-shop for scouts and production companies, lists not only residential and commercial properties, but also soccer fields, baseball stadiums and facilities at the Albuquerque Studios with exclusive picture galleries.