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  • Property type: Residential
  • Property Style: Cabin
  • Property Style:
  • Bedrooms 3
  • Bathrooms 1
  • Year Built 1970 - 1980
  • Lot Size 4 + Acres
  • Number Of Levels 2
  • Square Feet 1000 Sq. Ft.

Property Description

Beautiful Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas Clear Blue Water 16 acres total, 12 acres of trees and rock formations on raw land. The land sticks out in the lake like a peninsula. The middle length of the land is the highest and on the cove side, the first bluff is about 9 feet high and gradually goes down hill at different degrees to the water edge. On the lake side the first bluff from the middle is about 15 ft high down to a single lane dirt road. On the other side of the road going to the water edge it varies from a steep drop to a slight incline. The middle high part of the land is where the road is, and part of the middle high part is a big rock plateau that varies in width from 50ft to about 20ft. On the rock plateau there is not a formal road -- we just drive over it but a formal road is not necessary. On an additional part of the land is a rustic rock and stucco cabin that has one bath, two downstairs bedrooms, one has a queen size bed and the other has a king size bed, a sleeping loft that has two regular size beds, a kitchen and vaulted living area. This is all behind a farm style double wide locked gate.
Filming Types
  • Commercials
  • Television
  • Reality TV
  • Feature Films
  • Crew Housing